Oort Exports – A reputed import-export organization of India promoting with a vision to venture into multiple countries all across the globe. Going ahead with global aspirations, our aspiration is to organize with a strong root of supply chain management that leaves a variegated past and comes with a clear vision of the future.

Advantage our valued customers is our vision. Premium product quality, ideal performance and competitive prices are our ventures to be in the forefront to accomplish the objective of a best import-export house in India.


Along with our constant improvement, our mission statements emphasis to offer the customer what they expect. In addition, stimulate an unfailing enlargement, modification and revolution of Indian trade, simultaneously functioning as a genuine, first-rate, profit-oriented, economically responsible buyers of import and export scenarios.

 Ambitious to be respected worldwide with the name – highly competitive corporation that preciously researches high quality, superior products, and materials made globally and available at competitive prices in the marketplace.

Core Values

Oort Exports believes, “Relations and honesty brings business”

Oort Exports stand on the 6 firm pillars as stated below

1) Reliability

» We conduct every prospect of business with candorness and transparency

2) Humility

» We consider each entity involved in the business, right from a supplier to the customer as the backbone of our organsiation.

3) Excellence

» We make every effort to achieve the maximum possible standards to deliver what we promise to customers and suppliers.

4) Dependability

» We make sure we take responsibility for the trust and faith the customer has shown towards us.

5) Unity

» We demonstrate teamwork and build strong sustainable relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

6) Commitment

» Commitment not only goes to the customer, but it reaches further to societies, communities and countries in which we work. The group takes a special foot ahead in keeping up the said commitments.